Berlin, June 5, 2019—From June 6-8, Lavazza, the Italian brand that is among the world’s leading roasters, will be taking part in World of Coffee 2019, Europe’s largest specialty coffee trade show with its ¡Tierra! CSR initiatives and products specifically focused on sustainability.


At this year’s event, to convey its expertise and leadership in the coffee sector to this special audience, Lavazza will be featuring an all-¡Tierra!-themed stand where visitors will be offered the opportunity to sample a selected range of ¡Tierra!-products to better showcase the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability.


It is with ¡Tierra! Colombia and ¡Tierra! Brasile that Lavazza will be present at World of Coffee: experience and taste them at the ¡Tierra! booth (N21). In addition, at the Lavazza stand, visitors will have the chance to discover a special coffee activation wizard pop-up of ¡Tierra! Colombia Cold Brew, serving ice-and-nitro cold brew-based special preparations. There will also be a corner featuring the Coffee Sapiens book, the latest initiative in the collaboration between Ferran Adrià and Lavazza, once again pushing the boundaries of coffee.


¡Tierra! Colombia espresso is a 100% washed Arabica blend—harmoniously aromatic and mild enhanced by its characteristic sweetness, refined acidity and rich body. ¡Tierra! Colombia contains sensory profiles typical of coffees from the various regions in Colombia: the fruity aroma of the western Cordillera and the southern regions, combined with the full body typical of the Meta area. The overtones of tropical fruit are accompanied by the fragrance of lime zest and jasmine blossoms, with a sweet liqueur-like aftertaste. ¡Tierra! Colombia contains coffee from the Meta region, where years of armed conflict have halted coffee-growing. Lavazza has helped over a hundred farm families to rebuild their plantations and create sustainable work conditions.


¡Tierra! Brasile espresso is a 100% natural Arabica blend, with the richness of the Brazilian coffee tradition and combines Lambari natural Arabica with Cereja Apassita from Carmo do Paranaiba. It is a full-bodied and smooth-textured espresso, with notes of caramel, hazelnuts and milk chocolate. ¡Tierra! Brasile contains coffee from Lambari, Minas Gerais, where Lavazza supports communities of small-scale farmers, helping them to adopt agricultural techniques to improve coffee quality, facilitate market access and tackle climate change.


To better enhance Lavazza’s coffee expertise, besides the ¡Tierra! slow coffee station and moka pro available at the ¡Tierra! booth, a SCA certified international team of baristas will be performing to offer the best coffee experience with ¡Tierra! coffeetails and the ¡Tierra! Cold Brew coffee wizard.


In addition to featuring the products from its collection of sustainable blends, on June 7th (3:45-5:00 pm, Manheim Room/Lecture Hall 1) with the participation of Lavazza Chief Sustanability Officer Mario Cerutti, Lavazza is also organizing a special conference that will focus on two CSR projects that best represent Lavazza’s unique and effective approach to sustainability: Colombia—how the Meta region is returning to quality coffee production; and Lambari Brazil—empowering small-scale coffee farmers to face global markets and climate change. 


¡Tierra! is the name of the sustainability projects started by the company in 2002 that benefit three communities of small coffee growers in Peru, Colombia and Honduras, and which have now become a wider concept in sustainability projects managed by Lavazza (directly or in partnership with suppliers and NGOs) across 3 continents in 17 countries and involving 24 projects.


¡Tierra! is synonymous with projects focused on the improvement and development of coffee farming communities from an economic, social and environmental point of view, as well as a range of premium blends, containing coffee from communities involved in the sustainability projects and grown in Rainforest Alliance Certified™ coffee farms.